Jordan Ghaim

You can try and you can fail, try again something new, fail again and everyone around you can laugh with you because everyone knows exactly how you feel.

Paige Hullett

I loved seeing how Johnathan is helping expand the film scene in Indianapolis.

Ken Gordon

Evertime I work with Johnathan I learn something new. I want to act every waking moment!

Aaron Beal

I’ve never had anyone push the right buttons and guide me before and I went place I didn’t know I was capable of organically.

Blaise Nally

When it comes to connecting with a certain character or certain scene, Johnathan is great at putting you in the correct headspace

and mentality from the character’s first person perspective in order to bring out the best in your performance.

Jessica Froelich

There’s something truly special about the experiences I have had when working with Johnathan. It’s always fresh, always unique, and always progressive.

Jeff Bodart

Although I had done some acting on a few things prior to Dandelion Dreams, I had never truly been directed or coached.

Joel Malkoff

You are doing something pretty vulnerable when you’re acting…Johnathan created a place that was safe.

Johnna Myers

Working with GEM Filmworks allowed me to learn from some of the best in the industry, challenging me to a whole new level of skills.
The crew was fantastic—easy to work with, very creative, and always willing to go beyond the necessary in order to capture the best shot.

Tom Harrison

Working on a GEM Filmworks production is seriously professional and totally awesome fun all at the same time – You can’t get better than that.

Stephanie Lynn

Johnathan helped me be more aware of what I’m doing on camera and how I can consistency improve my craft.